Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Millions Of Dollars Of Coffee And Stingy With Cheese

I was visiting Tim Hortons and out to feed my starving stomach. I ordered a toasted chicken club, non-toasted, which in itself is a contradiction but better none-the-less. I ordered the sandwich along with a tea and a dream puff, which I actually ordered just based on the name. Paid with debit then moved to the side to wait for my order. Only upon examining my receipt did I notice that my sandwich was going to come with no cheese. My thought? If a sandwich is to not come with cheese, why would an establishment go through the effort of having the cashiers ring in the sandwich then also press a button for no cheese? Common sense would dictate the sandwich would come with cheese and have the option for the lactose intolerant counterparts to request no cheese. Really though, what sandwich doesn't come with cheese? After my erratic mental calculation of all the fast food joints that offer sandwiches with cheese and while my sandwich was still on the 'waiting list' of sandwiches to be made. I inquired while the lady passed me my tea. "So the sandwich doesn't come with cheese?"


"So if it doesn't come with cheese originally, why do you have to ring in 'no cheese'?"

"It doesn't come with cheese." She irritably replied.

"Oh okay, could I get some cheese on it please?"

"You would have to pay for it." She stated as she motioned to the ten person line up behind the lady she was serving.


So as I stepped over to the sandwich counter to wait I started thinking. A multi-million dollar establishment starts charging for cheese and when customers don't know and request it, they charge and require them to stand back in line? Really? For cheese? Why go through the extra button push to state 'no cheese' if it doesn't come with it?

As the sandwich person was making my sandwich, I had to re-iterate this baffling process in my head. "So the sandwich doesn't come with cheese?"


"So how am I suppose to know to request it before I step out of line?"

"You know now." He stated in a monotone voice.

Hmm, he had a point. I do know now. Cheese isn't a massively important part to my sandwich consumption usually, I was more confused by the unexplainable cheese hoarding happening at my local Tim Hortons. Was I not informed of a possible cheese shortage?

So I chowed down my cheese-less sandwich which I might add tasted perfectly fine without cheese but would have been much more satisfying had I known cheese was an add-on and requested it. But now I know, right?

Two days later, I walk into the same Tim Hortons with my new found knowledge. Waiting in line, mentally reminding myself, 'you are within the cheese Nazi territory remember to play by their rules'. Took a deep breath and walked up to the till. Ordered my toasted chicken club, non-toasted, with cheese, tea, with cheese on the sandwich please and a dream puff with cheese on the sandwich. "Anything else?"

"Just cheese on the sandwich please."

I paid with debit and moved to the side. While finding a seat I examined my receipt. As I suspected, the sandwich was rung in and no 'no cheese' button was pressed which to me meant that it originally came with cheese before the hoarding started. Anyway, I put my tea and doughnut down and went to collect my sandwich. After opening it, I realized there is no cheese. Thought I made myself extra clear while ordering but mistakes can happen. I politely asked the sandwich guy, "Can I have cheese on this sandwich please?"

To which he replied while motioning to the above average line up, "Did you pay for it?"


"Can I see you receipt?" After examining it, he stated "There is no button pushed to say add cheese, sorry, you will have to pay for it."

In closing, I have started to enjoy my Tim Hortons sandwiches cheese-free and realized they simply don't make enough off the thousands of coffees they sell daily to offer cheese on their sandwiches, so don't ask.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frustrations Build From Absent Minds...

Today was a day of thinking about the people who don't. Common sense is suppose to be just that... common. I would have assumed that the ratio of intelligent to the not-quite-all-there would be higher than it is at my job. I, personally, have found it very easy to absorb the practices and procedures at work. I realize that some people take a little more time, sort of like comparing a sponge to a block of wood but honestly, my day is like comparing a sponge to a pile of sheet metal. Drop each one in a pool of water and see which absorbs it first.

I don't believe that labelling ingredients correctly with your name and the date should be so hard to grasp. Maybe it's the placing it on the shelf with the label facing out or perhaps, the difficult part, is matching like ingredients. I wish I could send some of my co-workers back to school and re-teach them their colors, fruits, vegetables and meats. My frustration builds once these common sense practices are over looked on a daily basis.

But my understanding of the vast amount of absent mindedness falters when chicken wings are thawed in warm water, labels are put on correctly then products are put back on the shelf with the label facing the wall, products aren't rotated, dirty dishes are placed back on the shelf or the last of the product is used and no more is prepared or even a list constructed. Honestly? How does a person actually find simple common sense tasks hard to remember? When I find myself re-organizing the cooler and asking myself, 'if I was a numpty, would I be able to find this', there is a problem. I feel beaten by stupidity sometimes. It's like a game for them, let's bring them down to our level and beat them with experience. Seriously, do I have to beat my head against the wall for an hour to get some understanding of how some people can be so absent minded? At least I would burn 130 calories doing it.

I'm just glad that I have a competent boss and superiors to work for. Appreciation never depreciates when you do your job correctly consistently. I just wish people would think things through more and do things correctly. Or ask if they don't quite know. It just creates more work to do a job incorrectly. Unfortunately, for some, it takes repetition of doing a task twice for them to figure it out and even then it's almost a miracle. This may sound a bit harsh to you but some of my co-workers have probably won a couple of Darwin awards in their lives. Being an extremely observant person, I see almost every act of stupidity throughout the day which cause me to twitch and roll my eyes.
My day today was just a meatball of stupidity wrapped up in a shell of frustration and cooked on high in an oven of hope for the better. Now as I feel my eyes drooping from the length of the day, I find myself in great spirits. Referring to my personal feelings not the spirits of an alcoholic type, though a beverage would be earned three times over. Over all, I enjoy my job, like my boss and love my days. I'm content and happy and my frustration is just a passing thought. After all, in my life, there is no need to waste any more effort and negative feelings on the absent minded individuals who have no need to better themselves in their lives. I will do my job and live my life smiling and laughing.

Forever and Always.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I was printing off a few specs for my boss last night. First off, I bought the wrong ink for my printer. Piss off #1. Secondly, I couldn't find the a/c adapter to plug the printer in. Piss off #2. Thirdly, Staples was closed by this point, so returning the ink last night was completely out. Piss off #3. Fourthly, once my mom was able to bring me the correct ink and I found the correct adapter and everything seemed to be running smoothly. My printer seemed to be going the speed of a snail running a marathon. Not only could I not print one after another or my computer would have some sort of fit but I could only load one paper at a time or the printer would jam. Piss off # 4. The point?

I realized a bit about my personality and the current state of mankind.

As I was frustrated, agitated, and aggravated at the tedious situation, my mind began to wander. Patience is a lost word now a days. Life used to pass by at a slower pace. People used to enjoy the days as they passed instead off speeding through them as we do now. Computers are faster. The moment they take a second longer to load than we think they should, frustration starts to build. We leave for work to face the morning traffic. The moment we are caught in a jam that we didn't expect, our hands clasp the wheel and we feel the aggravation build. Standing in line to get your morning coffee. Ten people ahead of you. Not only are you watching the every move of the employees but the second one of them stops for a minute, the roll of the eye and tap of the toe starts. Why?

Why are we in such a rush? Where are we going that is so important that we can't just enjoy the time it takes to get there? Life is so reliant on computers now that we seem to forget how to interact with one another. People grow rude, angry and impatient. Why can't we stop to take a breath of the air of today? Help one another. Enjoy life. After all, we are all heading for the same destination. Death. The only difference we can make in our own lives is how we get there. Don't you want to enjoy your journey?

I do. As my mind wandered and I contemplated my frustrating situation last night. I realized I didn't have to be frustrated. In the end, today my task was complete. Why should I torture myself with aggravation when I can just do the task at hand with a smile? Sure, I came across the bumps in the road, the trivial trials while completing the task at hand but in the 'big picture' of things, it was just that...Trivial. I was doing it to help my boss. A person who was working his butt off to have everything run smoothly on our first open day. A job hard enough to do, let alone get this task done. I finished the job with a smile. No frustration, no loss of patience. After all, why? As long as I put everything I can into the job at hand, how can anyone expect more?

Patience is a lost characteristic. Why should life be so fast? Why not enjoy the line-ups we get stuck in. Maybe you're suppose to meet the people you're 'stuck' with in the same situation. I believe everyone has a story to tell. Why not let them tell it sometimes? Take life minute by minute, day by day and remember that if we speed through life, how can we enjoy the ride? Take the complications that come and learn from them. After all, everything happens for a reason. We know the people we know for a reason. Each with a different and unique purpose. Take the TIME to find out. Be patient and Live.

Forever and Always.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beginning

What to say after a long day hard at work? First off, as my first post, a little about me. I work hard for everything I have and learn from my mistakes in life. I don't take for granted everything given to me and I give more than I receive. I have been through many hardships and heart aches but all have made me the person I am today and I would never change that. I love with all I have and feel regrets are for people who never learn. My word is my bond; my friends and family, my life. As hard as I work, I still find time to have fun and sing like no one is watching. I love, laugh, learn and live, forever and always.

Today was another day to be proud of. Over the past couple weeks I have been helping clean up a mess of a kitchen to bring it up to code. Our inspection was passed today and we finally open tomorrow. The past couple months have been trying times on my soul but I finally feel productive again. Don't get me wrong, even when I feel unproductive the tasks I complete are far more than some of the lazy counterparts I have known. But now I actually have something more to apply myself to.

Though it has been a rough couple of months. I can finally say I'm happy. The sun rises in the morning, though my eyes are sleepy, I'm content to put my feet on the floor to face the day. I happily get dressed for work and complete my day in a mood that has felt so distant lately. Now, I can be 'me' again. The 'me' I want to be. The 'me' I have struggled to be this past while. You know how sometimes you just seem to lose yourself. Even though you're still there. You're still bringing in money, still being proactive, still facing the days as though you were happy but still wonder what your destination is. I think true happiness only comes when you don't worry about your 'destination'. You don't worry about what tomorrow brings. You're content to just live in this day, in this hour, in this minute. Well, I'm content. I'm happy.

Today I am 'me'. When the sun rises and I wipe the sleep from my eyes, I will be 'me' again.

Forever and Always.